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If the financial factor is a priority for you when choosing steroids, then the price for “Methyltrienolone” is affordable. It is the most demanded form among customers, as it lingers in the body for a short time and allows, in the event of unpleasant side effects, to quickly cancel the effect on the body. The recommended daily intake is 50 mg, it is allowed to inject 100 mg every 2 days with normal health.

After 1997, when the release of concentrated substance was discontinued, powerlifters and bodybuilders could only buy Methyltrienolone in the USA for several years. There were no other worthy alternatives at that time, so the beloved tool was sold in huge quantities around the world.

How to apply Methyltrienolone in practice 

The cycle “Methyltrienolone” provides for the use of the product for 4-6 weeks.

For amateur athletes and beginners, a reduced substance is recommended (10ml every day).

After 2 weeks “Proviron” is added. Its task is to improve muscle definition and reduce the athlete’s sexual dysfunction. A week after the completion of “Methyltrienolone”, the cycle is aimed at rehabilitation therapy: add “Clomid” (1 tablet for 20 days). It synthesizes the work of sex hormones, raising testosterone levels “from scratch” to the desired amount.

Some athletes settle for the “substance” solo version. This may be due to trying to save money or trying to see if side effects are going to occur. In the presence of well-organized sports nutrition, the result will be expressed in “drying” of the body and slight relief of the muscles. The dosage is allowed up to 300 mg of the drug in 7 days. As it increases, the temporary unpleasant effects will worsen.

Although the price for “Methyltrienolone” in USA is acceptable, not everyone likes the daily injection of a steroid. Athletes, especially those interested in quick performance and having no health contraindications, prefer “Methyltrienolone”.

Let us list what the tool is interesting for those who have decided to buy Methyltrienolone

  • You will not be able to overtrain from the usual overloading in training. Cortisol is responsible for the “overload” – it drives glucose to accumulate in the muscle depot and takes it from other organs. If t Methyltrienolone is purchased, athletes can avoid stressful redistribution of glucose in the body.
  • Increases the content of the hormone IGF, which is responsible for increasing muscle mass, growth of cartilage, tendons, stabilization of the nervous system.
  • Retains nitrogen in the body, which makes up 1/6 of muscle tissue. Reduces the rate of decomposition of complex substances into simple ones.
  • Makes protein synthesis faster, which is immediately reflected in muscle density and size. If you buy Methyltrienolone, then it will also have an impact on strength endurance.
  • Without a combination of steroid use with the nutrition and physical activity necessary for the athlete, the result will be negligible. Methyltrienolone helps the body to maximize the absorption of every gram of food ingested.
  • It is a strong androgenic anabolic, which has a positive effect on “drying” the body in preparation for future competitions.
  • Increases the number of red blood cells, the function of which is to transport oxygen to organs and tissues. Promotes quick relaxation and recovery of the body after an intense training regimen.
  • Does not pass into estrogens, so water leaves the body naturally, without delay.

Something may be unpleasant

Side effects are often genetically related. You may expect a slight breast augmentation (compensated by the intake of antiestrogens), an increase in the hairline or vice versa – baldness, increased blood pressure, a temporary decline in the production of your testosterone (solved by post-steroid therapy by taking appropriate drugs), increased secretion of sweat glands, frequent mood swings.

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